Raj Chittoor Completes 16 Glorious Years with MRCC

Raj Chittoor completes 16 years at MRCC

It has been an amazing journey being a part of the MRCC family, and even today when I take a trip down memory lane and look at how it all began, it makes me feel proud of what we have been able to achieve. There has never been an instance where any of us have shied away from our responsibilities. There is always one of us available and willing to take things forward in the absence of the other, and what is even great is that this is done so seamlessly that the client can hardly tell the difference. I believe this is only possible when all minds in the team share the same wavelength, and I feel fortunate to be part of such a great team.

Working in the Marketing and Business Development of Staffing and Consulting Services has always been rewarding. Every day is a new learning process as we are dealing with different variables, both from the ever-changing consultants coming from different demographic/cultural backgrounds and advancing technology. Over the years I have learned to be more passionate about understanding new technologies and empathetic to the consultants. I believe this has enabled me to have a better understanding of the current market requirements and consultants as-well, resulting in better project execution and resource retention.

There were days when we worked round-the-clock, catering to consultants who were traveling from India on H-1B Visa. Whether it was getting them settled into hotels or briefing them overnight, so that they could get started on their projects the very next day, or expediting their onboarding process, every little effort was completely worth it.

That is why after all these years of work, it gives me immense satisfaction when I hear from our consultants that MRCC has not just given them a job but has helped them in changing their lives, said Raj Chittoor, Vice President, Staffing Business Development.


Some work hard to make a name,
Some work even harder to leave behind a legacy,
But then there a those who work the hardest to make a difference in the life of others!
Raj Chittoor is the perfect example of such utter dedication and integrity.
Over the years, he has been instrumental in stimulating our secondary staffing division, and his innate ability to forge relationships with clients and consultants has contributed immensely to MRCC. We are ever grateful for your hard work and commitment to excellence and we can’t wait to celebrate your next big milestone. Congratulations!MRCC

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