Onboarding in the New Normal: Creating a Simulating Onboarding Process

Onboarding in the New Normal

The experience of welcoming an employee is easy when you are there to receive him or her personally. In such a scenario, their queries and concerns can be addressed in real-time enabling a more personal experience. However, a new herculean task of hiring new talent and onboarding them has suddenly cropped up, especially when his or her first day is conducted remotely and both, employee and HR don’t have the luxury to go and meet each other in person. Continue reading “Onboarding in the New Normal: Creating a Simulating Onboarding Process”

Gamification: Next Level Learning for the New Age Learner

Learning with Gamification

Have you ever noticed that there are times that learners are sitting and listening to some lecture or orientation, but then just one look at them and you know that their mind is completely elsewhere? So where do you think the problem lies… is it with the learners or with the learning method?

If your answer is learners, then wait and think again. Do you know that the new-age learners have a lower attention span? hence keeping them constantly engaged throughout the learning process is not an easy deal. Continue reading “Gamification: Next Level Learning for the New Age Learner”

Legacy Modernization: The Digital Transformation Game Changer

Learning Modernization Need

Every industry is currently struggling with the challenges of repurposing extensive volumes of traditional eLearning content into newer and up-to-date formats. It is therefore important to pursue a well-thought-of and implemented modernization strategy that can effectively eliminate redundancy and appeal to the learners of today.

Learning Modernization is much more than a basic software update and calls for a fair consideration towards the content as well. A Learning modernization strategy is essential to keep content relevant and effective while keeping in-line with the technological advancements and new-age learner’s demands. Continue reading “Legacy Modernization: The Digital Transformation Game Changer”

Succeeding in the New Normal with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality post-covid

We have now entered into the Age of the New Normal, and many of us are anxious about what the road ahead might look like. Let us look at the present work culture, for instance, it has undergone a major shift and we will continue to see the long-term implications of this pandemic well into the future. On the brighter side, this pandemic has pushed us to embrace digital transformation at an accelerated rate, and this is what will enable us to succeed in the days to come. Continue reading “Succeeding in the New Normal with Virtual Reality”