Bite-sized Learning: Revolutionizing Enterprise Training

On a scale of 1-10, how attentive are you? To answer this question, try to think of 5 things on your phone, that were able to hold your attention for more than 5 minutes in the last 24 hours.

Now, the guess is only a handful may have been able to come up with all 5 things, but most of us would still be in quite a fix, trying to recollect, what managed to hold our attention. You see, the challenge that most learners face today is an extremely short attention span. According to statistics worldwide, the average attention span of a learner ranges between 8-12 seconds, which quite honestly is a very limited window to make an impression. Continue reading “Bite-sized Learning: Revolutionizing Enterprise Training”

6 Free Tools for Remote Work to Help Your Team

Remote Work Tools

Hey there folks! So have you all been restricted to the four wall enclosure yet? Most of you must be aggravated annoyed and terrified of the current situation that has put lives at risk globally. But even amidst the chaos and panic, here’s what needs to be put into perspective, that no matter what the odds, mankind has always emerged victorious and stronger and times like this render us tougher. Continue reading “6 Free Tools for Remote Work to Help Your Team”

MRCC partners with Cegos Group to provide customers with eLearning on soft skills

MRCC Cegos Partnership

Cegos, a worldwide leader in training and development, signs a partnership agreement with MRCC, a renowned learning solutions provider.

MRCC has been a globally accredited learning solutions provider for over 2 decades and as part of our new strategy, we wanted to offer our valued customers a comprehensive learning platform that caters to customized courses to yield enhanced learning. Through this new partnership, MRCC will be adding the largest library of courses from Cegos to enhance technical and soft skills. Customers will now have access to Cegos’ e-learning catalog including HTML5 training modules and 4000+ Off-The-Shelf (OTS) customized courses. The premium content will be available to MRCC customers worldwide.

Continue reading “MRCC partners with Cegos Group to provide customers with eLearning on soft skills”

Top 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Recruitment Industry

AI in Staffing

A good recruitment strategy is critical to the success of any business. Developing and implementing the recruitment strategy can be costly and time-consuming. As per estimated figures, the average organization tends to spend about 8 to 12 percent of a candidate’s paycheck towards recruiting cost.

Organizations can reduce this cost by utilizing the right technology to streamline the recruitment process. This significantly helps reduce spending on hiring candidates. Job placement agencies use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take care of time-consuming and repetitive tasks. This can potentially help save money spent to hire an employee as well as improve the quality of recruitment. Continue reading “Top 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Recruitment Industry”