How to Incorporate Social Learning Strategies to Boost Corporate Training

Social Learning

Collaboration among employees is an essential practice for learning, this is acknowledged by organizations the world over. Social learning is integral to all learning environments as learners tend to gain knowledge more by observation, interaction, and collaboration. Social learning in simple terms is learning with the help of your social network, we tend to engage in one or the other form of social learning in our day to day activities, it could be the discussions in the cafeteria or more sophisticated interactions on blogs and social media. Continue reading “How to Incorporate Social Learning Strategies to Boost Corporate Training”

Deeptanshu Tiwari Joins MRCC as Executive Vice President


Deeptanshu Tiwari joins MRCC as the Executive Vice President, he brings along versatility, foresight and rich experience in delivering award-winning learning solutions in a career spanning 15 years.

With rich technology experience, he has been instrumental in formulating and implementing key strategic plans that help guide the direction of the business, capitalize on opportunities to expand and reach new markets and customers, incorporate new industry standards and developments while gaining insight of the internal and external competitive landscape. Continue reading “Deeptanshu Tiwari Joins MRCC as Executive Vice President”

Top 3 Ultimate Path-Breaking Trends in eLearning

e Learning trends

What started as presentations in the Flash format in the early 90s has grown to encompass some of the most advanced technology available today. ELearning has truly transformed to provide a highly immersive and engaging experience for the end-user. There are a number of innovative learning strategies in eLearning that are both ground-breaking and impactful. Continue reading “Top 3 Ultimate Path-Breaking Trends in eLearning”

Top Trending Technologies for your Staff Augmentation Needs

Recruitment Trends

Candidates with updated skillsets are in focus in the technology services industry and there is stiff competition among companies to hire such professionals. Technology is helping organizations get ahead in the recruiting game to engage and hire the best talent. There are a lot of disruptive digital technologies that are changing the recruitment process. Social media, cloud tech, and artificial intelligence are some of the rising technologies that are paving the way for ground-breaking innovation in the IT Staffing industry. Continue reading “Top Trending Technologies for your Staff Augmentation Needs”