Top 3 Ultimate Path-Breaking Trends in eLearning

e Learning trends

What started as presentations in the Flash format in the early 90s has grown to encompass some of the most advanced technology available today. ELearning has truly transformed to provide a highly immersive and engaging experience for the end-user. There are a number of innovative learning strategies in eLearning that are both ground-breaking and impactful. Continue reading “Top 3 Ultimate Path-Breaking Trends in eLearning”

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Blended Learning for Your Corporate Training Program

Blended Learning

Blended learning is the amalgamation of instructor-led training and eLearning which has found varied innovative applications such as Virtual Instructor-led training. VILT helps deliver a face to face session in the virtual environment which can overcome geographic constraints while maximizing the reach of the instructor-led training. Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons to Choose Blended Learning for Your Corporate Training Program”

Top 5 Microlearning Trends to Follow in 2019

Microlearning Trends

Microlearning, as the name suggests, is getting your eLearning in small doses and bursts, in a short span of time. A practical solution to the short attention span of the overwhelmed and easily distracted millennial audience, as well as the proliferation of trends like the gamification of learning and “mobile”, “just-in-time”, and “on-the-spot” learning, microlearning is a trend that is rapidly gaining popularity and evolving as a better learning strategy.

To understand the scope of microlearning, we must first understand the vast range of what the term encompasses. It could be anything from instructional YouTube videos, interactive infographics, podcasts, mini training quizzes, short eLearning scenarios, interactive PDFs, gamification of learning, and even emails and text messages. Continue reading “Top 5 Microlearning Trends to Follow in 2019”