Gamification: Next Level Learning for the New Age Learner

Learning with Gamification

Have you ever noticed that there are times that learners are sitting and listening to some lecture or orientation, but then just one look at them and you know that their mind is completely elsewhere? So where do you think the problem lies… is it with the learners or with the learning method?

If your answer is learners, then wait and think again. Do you know that the new-age learners have a lower attention span? hence keeping them constantly engaged throughout the learning process is not an easy deal. Continue reading “Gamification: Next Level Learning for the New Age Learner”

MRCC on Covid19 – Together we can fight the Pandemic


Over the past few weeks, there have been monumental changes in our daily lives, due to COVID-19, one of the most significant transformations being ‘Work From Home’. Adapting to the new normal seemed like a daunting task, but as the saying goes ‘Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way’. Continue reading “MRCC on Covid19 – Together we can fight the Pandemic”

Learning Simplified with ‘Netvidya LMS’ – Product Overview


MRCC’s Netvidya LMS is an advanced Learning Management system that is designed keeping the New Age Learner in mind. It allows you to personally set up, deliver, and track learning, without the need for any technical expertise. Equipped with a robust assessment engine it offers customized curriculum planning, accurate performance evaluation, and advanced content management. It fosters an efficient, competent, and accessible learning culture through an interface that is user-friendly, multilingual, and intuitive. Continue reading “Learning Simplified with ‘Netvidya LMS’ – Product Overview”

MRCC Partners with Adaptive Learning Platform Specialist Area9 Lyceum

MRCC Aea9 Partnership

May 19, 2020

MRCC is delighted to announce that it has joined forces with leading Learning Platform Specialist, Area9 Lyceum to bring its world-class Adaptive learning platform, Area9 RhapsodeTM to MRCC’s clients. Combining MRCC’s industry-leading digital solutions with Area9’s impeccable, Next-Gen Adaptive Learning Platform, this partnership aims to deliver enhanced Learning capabilities and value to its clients globally. Continue reading “MRCC Partners with Adaptive Learning Platform Specialist Area9 Lyceum”